15 October 2007

Anaal Nathrakh

The extremes music can take continues to astound me. This British industrial black metal band pull your face off and pound it in to a bloody pulp, and then eat it with a side of railroad spikes. If you're at all into extreme metal, check these guys out. Their latest, Hell Is Empty, And All the Devils Are Here, is as good a starting point as any.

Here's a sample of their debut album The Codex Necro, set to some clips from 28 Days Later. I don't think they have any official music videos.

14 October 2007


Just started watching this show. It's fun. I really like how the devil is portrayed as a slick businessman type. I've only watched the first two episodes so far, but it seems to have promise; however, it also looks like it could get very repetitive and tired.

Apparently Kevin Smith directed the first episode. I had been under the impression that he would be doing the whole thing, which would have been fantastic, but it's enough to get me watching it.

LATER: Just finished the third episode, and a song from Grizzly Bear's Yellow House came up (excellent album by the way.) It made the show at least three times better in my book.

13 October 2007

Half-Life 2

I know I'm way behind the times here, but I just finished one of the best games ever created, Half-Life 2. I only played a little of the first one a few years ago; I got frustrated at one point and gave up. Its successor, however, was much too engrossing to cast aside. I won't go into much detail as this game has been analyzed to hell already, I'm pretty sure. Suffice to say that almost everything about it was completely awesome.

I just went through the Lost Coast level too, which was quite cool. The developer commentary was interesting, and I even understood most of the stuff about HDR and other lighting effects, as I've taken classes for that kind of stuff.

Next it's on to Episodes 1 and 2, which I'm sure will be quite a treat indeed.

12 October 2007


Alright, I lied. I suck at working.

Check out my latest musical discovery, Eths. They're a French metal band with a female vocalist/screamer. I do love screamers.


This is my second attempt at a blog. I might actually write in it. Not right now, unfortunately, I should actually be working.