18 May 2008

The Wire

So. I suck at blogging. Oh well.

I haven't posted in a while, although there have been several cases where I had something worth writing about. Now however, I have something that I have to write about. The Wire is (was) possibly the greatest show ever to grace a television screen. I know I mentioned that Dexter was the king here, but I'm sure many people have made similar claims under similar ignorance.

I started watching the show about a month ago, I think. I went through all 5 seasons. There were several days where I just couldn't stop watching. That is the mark of a good show.

As for a summary, Wikipedia is a better source than I, but I'll throw some sentences out there. The Wire is about a few people in the Baltimore police department and their quests for doing their jobs. The main idea of the show is to showcase the corruption and evil and blah blah blah. Where the show shines, however, is in the storytelling and characterization through stellar acting. The show takes the hardest criminals and makes them seem like people. Every time someone dies, be they a "good" or "bad" guy, you feel it. You miss them.

It was a great show throughout, but the 5th season kind of lost me, and the reason for that was that they lost focus on the storytelling and concentrated on the dirt. The big side-story was about the media and the corruption in it, which is pretty damn obvious to everyone already I think. It was boring. The end was alright, seeing the ass-holes squirm and all; but I think a lot of the characters lost their souls.

However. Altogether this was one of the best viewing experiences I've ever had. I hope I can find something to top this, because pretty much everything from here on out is going to look like crap.